How To Link NIN To MTN Sim Card

How To Link NIN To Your MTN Sim Card

ot sure how to connect your NIN to your MTN SIM? Here are simple methods to get it done! 

Its no new news that all Nigerians were ordered by Nigerian communication commission to link their national identification number [NIN] to various SIM cards or face the consequences. People who are yet do so have been ban from making outgoing calls. 

How To  Link NIN To Your NTN Line

Do not know how to link NIN to your MTN SIM card? Not to worry, below are simple steps to guide you. 

  • Link Using USSD Code

Dial *789*NIN# on the phone number you desire to link. Once you've done with this, the NIN is linked to your MTN SIM  automatically.

  • Link Using MTN NIN Portal 

To do this, you'll have to these steps
  1.  visit https://mtnonline.com.
  2. fill in the form and make sure to provide accurate information
  3. Click on submit button
  4. Shortly after, you'll receive a one time password [OTP] on your MTN line
  5. Enter the OTP and click on the "confirm" bottom
Note: You'll need to input your First Name, Last Name, Middle Name, Phone Number, National Identity Number, and Email for the process.

  • Text NIN to 785

You can also text your NIN digits to 785 using the MTN SIM card you want to link.


You won't have to worry about a banned MTN SIM card if you follow the steps above. Just ensure to carry them out accordingly.
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