Two Easy Tips On How To Check BVN

Two Easy Tips On How To Check BVN

BVN troubles? Not to worry! Check out easy tips to check and retrieve your BVN.

What Is BVN?

The Bank Verification Number (BVN) is a 11-digit unique identity for each individual across the Nigerian Banking industry. It was implemented In 2015 by the Central bank of Nigeria as the bank verification number to register new account holders to CBN's Biometric Identification System. To own and run a bank account in Nigeria, you must have a bank verification number[BVN]

How To Check/ Retrieve Your BVN

Memorizing the 11 digits of BVN can be tough and its normal to forget it so if you've lost yours and do not desire to go into the bank to retrieve it, you can do it at the comfort of your home using the simple steps below

  • How To Check BVN Using USSD General Code For Banks Registered With CBN.

  1. Dial *565*0# on the mobile line you used for BVN enrollment.
  2. Press on the enter button.
  3. The 11 digits of your BVN will get displayed on the screen.
Note that a service fee of 20naira is charged for this operation. So you might need to copy it out into your notepad, journal or any secure place so you don't loose it again. 

  • How To Check BVN Online

You can also check your BVN using your bank app.   
  • log into your bank app.  
  • click on the menu bar. 
  • The BVN will be displayed.

What Is The USSD Code For BVN?

*556*0# is the general BVN code for all banks.
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