How To Cancel All Auto Renewal On MTN

How To Cancel All Auto Renewal On MTN

In today's digital age, mobile service providers offer various conveniences to their customers, one of which is the auto-renewal feature. This feature automatically renews your subscriptions, data plans, and other services to ensure uninterrupted connectivity. However, there are times when you might want to take control of your subscriptions and prevent automatic renewals. If you're an MTN subscriber looking to cancel all auto-renewals, this article provides a comprehensive guide to help you cancel auto renewal on MTN.
In some cases, users may unintentionally sign up for auto renewal however, you can avoid this by selecting the one off purchase option when subscribing. This way, your data will not be automatically renewed after expiry.

Simple Steps To Cancel All Auto Renewal On MTN 

1. Dial *312#
2. From the provided options, select Data Plans (Option 1)
3. Select Manage Data (Option 12)
5. Select Cancel Auto-Renewal (Option 3)
6. Select the Bundle you wish to Opt-Out From


Can I cancel MTN auto renewal?

Yes, of course. You can cancel MTN auto renewal.

Which code can I use to stop MTN auto renewal?

You can stop MTN auto renewal using the USSD code *312#

Would MTN auto renewal be successful if I don't have enough airtime?

No. Auto renewal won't work if you do not have enough airtime on your sim card; rather, you'll be asked to recharge your line.
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