Easybuy Phones And Prices list

Easybuy Phones And Prices list

Are you in need of a brand-new phone but do not have enough cash? Worry no more!
In this article, we'll share with you how to get a phone with what you have on Easybuy and the price list of various phones.

What Is Easybuy?

Easybuy is a platform that offers phones to people who do not have enough money to get their dream phones by allowing them to buy and pay later.

How does Easybuy work?

Easybuy allows customers to get their dream phone with only an initial payment of 10% of the phone’s value and subsequently paying off the remaining balance in monthly installments.
For clarity, Let's look at this example. Assuming you want to get an Infinix hot 30i and its original price is N94,800, you'll pay the sum of N9,480 for a start. Because Easybuy provides a flexible schedule to pay back, You can decide to pay the rest in 3, 4, or 6 months depending on which suits you best.
If you decide to pay the remaining N85,320 of the money which is N94,800 minus the initial 10% payment of N9,480 in 3 months. All you have to do is divide N85,320 by 3 months, the result is N28,440. This means you'll pay N28,440 for the following three months after the initial payment to completely clear your debt.
What Types Of Phones Does Easybuy Sell?
Easybuy offers various phones from brands like Samsung, Infinix, Nokia, Oppo, Huawei Apple phones, etc. 

Easybuy Phones Requirements

Below are the certain criteria you need to meet to qualify for Easbuy phones in Nigeria:
•You must be a Nigerian citizen.
•You must have a bank verification number (BVN).
•You must have a bank account.
•You must provide a guarantor and the phone number of your guarantor.
•You must have a National Identification Number (NIN).
•You must be 18 years and above.

How To Pay The Rest Of The Money To Easybuy

When you purchase a phone from easybuy, an app that is connected to your bank account will be installed on the phone. At the agreed time, the amount you are meant to pay will be automatically deducted from your account. In addition, you can decide to make manual payments if you wish.

Easybuy phone and prices list

•Samsung Galaxy A13 - ₦ 123,700
•Samsung Galaxy A03 Core -  63,500
•Samsung Galaxy S9 - Price ₦ 107,000
•Samsung Galaxy S10 - ₦ 170,000
•Samsung Galaxy A13 - ₦95,000
•Samsung Galaxy A22 - ₦100,000
•Samsung Galaxy A72 - ₦250,000
•Samsung Galaxy A32 - ₦140,000
•Samsung Galaxy A52 - ₦205,000
•Samsung Galaxy A71 - ₦210,000
•Samsung Galaxy A51 - ₦180,000
•Samsung Galaxy M11 - ₦85,000
•Samsung Galaxy A11 - ₦ 58,000
•Infinix Hot - ₦ 115,000
•Infinix Note 11 Pro -  ₦ 138,900
•Infinix Smart 6 - ₦ 66,000
•Infinix Hot 12 Play - ₦ 87,300
•Infinix Note 11 Pro - ₦ 138,900
•Infinix Note 30 5G - N146,500
•Infinix Note 30 - ₦133,000
•Infinix Note 30i - ₦125,000
•Infinix Hot 30- ₦82,000
•Infinix Hot 30i- ₦75,000
•Infinix Zero Ultra- ₦355,500
•Infinix Zero 20 - ₦224,000
•Infinix Smart 7 - ₦50,000
•Inifinix Hot 20i - ₦84,700
•Infinix Hot 12-  ₦111,000
•Infinix Hot 12 Play - ₦85,000
•Infinix Hot 12i - ₦75,600
•Infinix Note 12 - ₦200,000
•Infinix Note 12 - ₦131,000
•Infinix Hot 10 Lite -  ₦47,800
•Tecno Camon 19 Pro - ₦ 204,999
•Tecno Pop 7 Pro  - ₦ 67,000
•Tecno Spark 9T  - ₦ 97,000
•Tecno Spark 7 - ₦54,000
•Tecno Camon 17 - ₦90,000
•Oppo A3S  - ₦ 49,000
•Oppo A77s - ₦ 168,500
•Oppo A96  - ₦ 273,000
If the phone you wish to buy was not included in the list above you can visit an Easybuy store near you to enquire.
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