How to Verify NAFDAC Registration Number

How to Verify NAFDAC Registration Number

The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control[NAFDAC] is an agency responsible for ensuring that food, drugs, skin care products, medicals and other products made available to the public are safe, in shape, and of good quality.
However, despite the work put in by NAFDAC, there is still a huge number of adulterated products being circulated in the Nigerian market.
In this article, we'll take you through the simple steps to verify the NAFDAC number of a product.

How to verify the NAFDAC number of a product.

Below are a few steps that'll help you verify the authenticity of a product.

The Scratch Code/ Mobile Authentication Service (MAS) 

For certain drug categories like antimalarial and antibiotics, NAFDAC offers the MAS. 
When you purchase the drugs, look for a scratch panel under it you'll find a unique 10-digit number. Send an SMS containing the number to 38353. You'll receive a message/ response confirming if the product is authentic or not.

NAFDAC Database

Visit the NAFDAC Registered Products Database (https://www.nafdac.gov.ng/our-services/registered-products/) to search for the product and its NAFDAC number. You'd be asked to input the product type, name, active ingredients, and expiry date. If the information matches, the product is likely authentic.

The Barcode

When you purchase a product, on the packaging paper look out for a barcode. If you find one, scan it to get information about the product.

Tips on How to Avoid Buying Fake Products

•Look out for the where the NAFDAC registration number is imprinted on the product. If you find it blurry or poorly printed it should call for suspicion. Genuine NAFDAC numbers are usually printed neatly and consistently on the product or its packaging.
•NAFDAC registration numbers follow a certain format of one letter and number (e.g., A7), four digits, and one or two more letters (e.g., A7-1712-LK).
•Buy products from reputable and authorized stores or distributors to minimize the risk of encountering counterfeits.

In cases where you suspect a NAFDAC number or product is fake, call the NAFDAC Consumer Safety Hotline on 0803 506 9546.
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